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Welcome to the web site for Enhancing Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Primary Health Care (EICP) Initiative!

In an exciting new health initiative, the leaders in Canada’s primary health care system are working together to facilitate more interdisciplinary collaboration. The EICP Initiative will engage primary health care providers, governments and Canadians in a national effort to create a framework for change and innovation in primary health care. 

Our objective is to encourage health professionals to work together in the most effective and efficient way to produce the best health outcomes for patients and for providers. We have an ambitious research agenda designed to gain new insights into successful primary care models in both urban and rural settings. We also plan to develop practical tools to encourage inter-disciplinary collaboration, and a supportive policy and regulatory environment. In the end, the Initiative will deliver a set of guiding principles and a framework for collaboration that will inspire health care providers and governments to ensure that Canadians have access to the right professional and the right services, at the right time.

A Steering Committee comprised of physicians, nurses, social workers, physiotherapists, speech-language pathologists, audiologists, dietitians, psychologists, pharmacists, occupational therapists and a national coalition on preventative practices will provide leadership and direction to the Initiative.

The EICP Initiative is funded by Health Canada’s Primary Health Care Transition Fund.

Our work will be of interest to health services providers, policy-makers and, of course, all Canadians. Come find out how we plan to make a difference!

Primary health care involves responding to illness within the broader determinants of health. It also includes co-ordinating, integrating and expanding systems and services to provide more population health, sickness prevention and health promotion by all disciplines. It encourages the best use of all health providers to maximize the potential of all health resources.” — Adapted from: A. Mable and J. Marriott, “Sharing the learning — The health transition fund synthesis series: Primary health care,” (Ottawa: Health Canada, 2002).

Funding for this Initiative was provided by Health Canada.

The opinions expressed in this web are those of the authors/researchers and do not necessarily reflect the official views of Health Canada.


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